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What does a Staff Handbook consist of

What does a Staff Handbook consist of

A staff handbook, sometimes referred to as an employee handbook or manual, is a document issued to employees outlining important information relating to the company procedures and policies.

It is usually issued to employees at the start of employment and should be updated by the employer on a periodic basis as appropriate. It is also good practice for a copy to be available on the work premises, for example, electronically or in the staff room. A new employee will often be given a form to sign confirming that they have received the handbook.

Particular areas that a handbook may cover include:

  • A welcome statement outlining the history of the employer, its objectives and what the employee can do to add to the future success of the business.
  • The business orientation process.
  • Disciplinary and capability procedures and how such issues will be addressed, taking into account fairness and consistency when dealing with allegations.
  • A grievance procedure outlining how an employee should raise a complaint either informally or formally.
  • How an employee should reclaim expenses, including travel, accommodation and hospitality.
  • The employer’s position on equal opportunities and the avoidance of discrimination at work, for example, including recruitment, pay and conditions, training, promotion, conduct at work.
  • The arrangements for sick pay and for reporting and managing sickness absence.
  • Information relating to pay and benefits, for example, holidays.
  • Requirements for keeping particular business information and details confidential, usually information such as employee records or sensitive details about the employer.
  • The employer’s position on the use of mobile telephones, company equipment, social media and the internet, for example, personal e-mails.
  • How to deal with accidents in the workplace and the arrangements for ensuring that health and safety obligations are met.

Staff handbooks help to create a work environment where problems can be dealt with consistently and fairly by giving employees clear advice on the policies and procedures of the business.

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